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Rafael Laguna

Graphics and UI / UX designer

About me

I have a Degree in Corporate Graphic Design (School Of Arts & Design, Valencia, Spain). My work includes user interface design, app prototyping and printed graphics. I have Digital Image Manipulation and Analog Electrography masters degree (Fine Arts College).

I’m an Ubuntu Member since 2006 ) and a Linux user since 2000. I’m part of the Lubuntu community and the Ubuntu Design Team. I created, authorised by Canonical Ltd. the official website.

My skills include musical formation. I speak English, Spanish, Catalan and Swedish. I use WordPress, MoinMoin wiki, Javascript, CSS, HTML, jQuery and Bootstrap code. I’m a fan and amateur player of rugby.

Latest posts


I’ve worked on dozens of projects so I have picked up only the latest for you.


Small and big companies, they all deserve the best dedication and all the love any customer deserves.

Contact me

If you wish to contact me, please, feel free to leave me a message here. It’ll be immediately sent to my inbox.

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